• Ericca Chavez

    USF’s Undergraduate Program,

    SFUSD’s Para to Teacher Program.

    Ericca is in the USF undergraduate program and the SFUSD Para to Teacher program. She has worked at Flynn ES and Buena Vista Children's Center, and has been a for more than 10 years. Ericca has received several scholarships and is currently in the Para Leadership Network.

    His focus is on Transformative Justice, SPED, SOAR and Social Emotional Learning.

  • Adonias Versali Bravo Lainez

    El Camino Alternativo High School
    Church group, Musician, Taking care of his child

    Studies/Goal: Law

    Adonias came on his own from Guatemala.He is very consistent and clear about his goal to graduate and go on to college. He always brings his whole self to the school community and everything he does. He is reliable and seeks challenges and opportunities to grow. Adonias has a high level of intellectual curiosity. He is a giving and respectful person who is well regarded by his peers and teachers. On top of being a student, Adonias is also a parent, and his son is his inspiration. He has faced many challenges including his car being stolen and his son being gravely ill. Adonias is an incredible committed hard worker with a heart of gold. He sends money home to his family and supports his family here.

  • Alyssa Eddington

    June Jordan High School for Equity
    Volleyball Captain, Keystone Community Activities Volunteer, Chemistry class TA

    Studies/Goal: Business

    Alyssa was born in San Francisco and attended Longfellow Elementary School and Denman Middle School. She has demonstrated exceptional academic skills as a student. She is diligent in all classwork and possesses strong collaboration abilities when working with her peers. When engaging in team related activities during class, she demonstrates leadership qualities by initiating equitable participation from her group mates and will also advocate for her group. Alyssa lives in a single mother household where she is the oldest of two children. She works hard to be a positive, academic example for her younger sister. Alyssa is the type of person that you can always depend on.

  • Amy Bernal Chavarria,

    Washington High School
    Cheerleading, After School Program Volunteer

    Studies/Goal: Software Engineer

    Amy is an excellent student that works to achieve and take every opportunity available to her. She doesn’t shy away from challenges or achieving her goals and dreams. At the start of this year, she struggled with AP calculus due to her beginning level of English, but she assured her teachers that she could put in the effort succeed, which she did by attending tutoring multiple times a week. She has even joined the high school Cheer Team. Amy’s persistence and perseverance is exemplary.

  • Ashby Lopez Montez

    Lowell High School

    Counseling TA, La Raza Club, Receptionist, Babysitter

    Studies/ Goals : Computer Science or Psychology

    Ashby was born in SF & attended Tenderloin ES & Lick MS. She is a delightful, brilliant young woman with a great sense of responsibility for others. She serves as a leader and role model who inspires the best in others. She has been homeless off and has worked several jobs throughout high school to help support herself. Ashby’s work ethic shows her care, patience and responsibility. Ashby is bright and capable. She is taking AP Psychology and AP Environmental Science this year along with the required English and History courses. She is a member of our culture clubs, and has a strong support group of friends.

  • Ashley Oliver

    Downtown High School

    YAX Printing Program, Cashier/Server at bagel store, Book Club, API Club,
    Latinx Club

    Studies / Goals : Fine Arts

    Ashley was born here and attended Dolores Huerta Elementary School, James Lick Middle School and Leadership High School. She is very focused on her work, detail oriented and a fantastic artist. Her artwork is some of the most impressive her teachers have seen. She takes great care and puts extreme effort into her artistic assignments. Ashley is an insightful, sensitive, and deeply self-aware individual driven to explore art, reading, and a deeper understanding of the world around her. She is an active participant in discussions and always supports her peers. Her caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others.

  • Benjamin E Flores Mira

    Mission High School
    CCR Math Tutor, Adventure Risk Challenge Leader, Organización Latinoamericana Estudiantil

    Studies / Goal : Aerospace Engineering

    Benjamin is a passionate intellectual who refuses to allow the enormous challenges of his life, including the ongoing discrimination he faces as a recent immigrant, interfere with his diligent scholarship from him. School is Ben's greatest focus and joy. I have consistently requests classes that challenge him and he works until he succeeds. Ben readily seeks help and persists even when he feels overwhelmed. He works to help his family of him, balancing work with staying on top of his schoolwork from him. Ben is easily one of the most resilient, engaged and hard-working learners in our school.

  • Cintia Aguilar

    Thurgood Marshall High School
    Soccer Team, Badminton Team, Music Club

    Studies / Goal : Veterinary Medicine

    Cintia was born in Guatemala and has attended Visitation Valley Middle School. She demonstrates a love of learning and works during lunch and after school to ensure she completely masters her understanding. Cintia has a growth mindset and inspires her peers to adopt that valuable perspective. Cintia supports others in and out of the classroom. Her positive attitude and belief in herself, even in the face of difficulty, is immensely admirable. She is committed to diligence, perseverance, and optimism.

  • Denia E Lemus

    Thurgood Marshall High School

    Leadership, ILSP Program Volunteer

    Studies / Goal: Education

    Denia was born in Guatemala,attended Mission Education Center, Everett Middle School and June Jordan High School. Her self-advocacy, genuine demeanor, and creativity shines. Although Denia can be shy, she doesn’t let that impede her academic performance or social growth. She has an IEP and during the last 4 years, she has grown, met goals and preserved. She is a diligent and committed student who consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and a willingness to learn. Denia is an excellent communicator, is always willing to advocate for herself, and is a supportive and collaborative classmate who consistently goes out of her way to help others.

  • Denisse Lopez

    Hilltop High School
    Child Care Intern, Swim Team, Mother

    Studies / Goal : Medical Assistant

    Denisse was born in Nicaragua and attended E.R.Taylor ES, Paul Revere K-8, James Lick MS, and Mission HS. In all aspects of her life, Denisse has met major challenges with introspection, discernment, and resilience. Some of these challenges could have derailed her dreams and plans, especially becoming a mother. But Denisse has continued to push forward with confidence and integrity. She is a loving, nurturing, conscientious, and inspiring mother to Sharon. Denisse strives to "Create Community, Embrace Opportunities to Learn, Teach by Example, and Celebrate Growth." Like everyone, Denisse falls short on occasion, yet she always improves with grace and humility ready to be a better person, student, and mom. She has what it takes personally and academically to achieve her goals.

  • Eduardo Ibarra Rivera

    Thurgood Marshall Academic High School
    Varsity Basketball - Captain 2022, Volunteer Tutor, Building Maintenance Job

    Studies/Goal: Astrophysics

    Eduardo is a thoughtful, determined, and helpful young man. He is a leader in his school community, including helping others with academics. He works diligently and takes advanced courses, including AP Chemistry. Despite the multiple challenges that came with on-line learning, he was always diligent. He wants to study physics and better understand the world around him. Eduardo has potential and motivation. He has been faced with multiple struggles, but he always greets you with a smile and holds a genuine conversation with you. Eduardo is someone who never forgets where he came from and makes sure to hold his authentic self proudly.

  • Eduardo Lopez Carrillo

    El Camino Alternativo High School
    Full time work

    Studies/Goal: Electrician

    Eduardo was born in Guatemala & attended SF International HS. He is hard-working, motivated, helpful, kind, and very dependable. He is resilient and dedicated to his education in spite of having to support himself and help his family financially. He survived a harrowing journey and was detained until his uncle was able to secure his release. When the pandemic hit, he faced economic uncertainty and went to work full time. When his uncle returned to his country, Eduardo had to become fully self-sufficient. But he has never let challenges dampen his determination to succeed nor his generous and giving spirit. His first language is K’iche and so he is tri-lingual. In addition to his dedication to his education, he goes out of his way to help his classmates in a patient and respectful manner.

  • Elwin Hernán Ulloa Alfaro

    El Camino Alternativo High School
    Programa de Motocicletas, Restaurant Worker, Mission Tires Mechanic, Soccer, Basketball

    Studies/Goal: Technology, Veterinary Science

    Elwin was born in Honduras and attended Mission HS. He has faced many barriers to pursuing his education, yet he perseveres with great strength, grace, and tremendous kindness of heart. At 16, he traversed Guatemala and Mexico by foot, bus and train, relying on their solidarity with one another, and the generosity of strangers who gave them food and encouragement along the way. When the pandemic hit, Elwin was forced to drop out of school. When he returned, a counselor at Mission High School told him about El Camino. He quickly became a ray of light in that program, always ready with a smile, an encouraging word to others, and a gentle sense of humor.

  • Esmeralda Muñoz

    The Academy @ McAteer
    Recycle Internship, Latinos Unidos Club

    Studies/Goal: Culinary Management

    Esme was born in San Francisco, attended Monroe ES. Then her family moved out of state. Esme is respectful, kind, and has a strong desire to succeed and become more independent. While she has struggled in her academics, she continues to push herself in her learning. Esme has a compassionate heart, a good sense of humor and is loyal to her friends. She values having a positive high school community, supporting her friends and contributing where she can. She dreams of being self-sufficient and having a better life. Esme is an incredibly resilient young woman given the challenges she has faced.

  • Estefany García Pérez

    Thurgood Marshall Academic High School
    Badminton Team, Karate

    Studies/Goal: Social Work

    Estefany was born in Guatemala and emigrated in 2019, with her mother and younger sister. Due to the death of her father and older sister, she has learned to navigate her role as a support for her mom and a positive influence for her little sister. This includes helping access necessary services such as healthcare and education. Estefany is committed to serving other people. She has a big heart, a positive attitude and is able to take on any challenge presented to her.

  • Gabriel Han Ling Rubio

    June Jordan High School for Equity
    Courtesy Clerk Job

    Studies/Goal: Computer Engineering

    Gabriel was born in San Francisco, attended Vis Valley ES, Dr. Charles Drew ES and Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic MS. He is relentless in his pursuit of personal and academic success. He excels because of his work ethic and strength in the face of challenges. He is a leader who will thrive in any academic environment. He is thoughtful, kind and consistently engaged in his education and his community. Gabriel has overcome both economic and social obstacles. He is a young man who is dedicated to both his family and school communities.

  • Gerardo Saavedra Tapia

    San Francisco International High School
    SF Planning Dept. Intern, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

    Studies/Goal: Engineering

    Gerardo was born in Mexico and attended Everett MS. He is motivated, ambitious, and determined. He is resilient and makes connections with others. He has a curious open-minded attitude with good problemsolving skills and the ability to work hard. He challenges imself, looks toward success and growth so that he can pursue his interests and forge a fruitful path for the future. Gerardo has balanced his academics while working.

  • Ileyna Sahagun

    Independence High School
    Cheer Leading Team Captain, Health Passion Project, Cared for an elderly friend of the family

    Studies/Goal: Nursing

    Ileyna was born in SF and attended SF Community K-8 and The Academy HS. She has an exemplary attitude and a passion to be academically successful. She is intelligent, responsible, compassionate and hardworking; she does not limit herself or let fear keep her from taking on challenges. The confidence she has keeps her from ever limiting herself and the things she wants to accomplish. Ileyna not only advocates for herself, but also for those in her community.

  • Jason Cazerez

    Lincoln High School
    College Track, Migrant Education Program, Jamestown

    Studies/Goal: Engineer

    Jason was born in SF and attended Marshall ES, Everett MS and Leadership HS. He dreams of becoming a civil engineer. He sees this career as the perfect blend of creativity, logic, problem solving and critical thinking, and it gives him the opportunity to work with people and technology. He is excited about all aspects of engineering, from designing buildings and infrastructure to developing new technologies. Jason has been an active part of the SFUSD Migrant Education Program (MEP), not only as an outstanding student, but also as a mentor to younger migrant students.

  • Joselino De La Rosa

    Lowell High School
    Varsity Track, Minorities United Club Pres., Latinos Unidos

    Studies/Goal: Political Science

    Joselino was born in SD, attended LR Flynn ES, and J Lick MS. When he
    first started high school, he felt challenged, but worked hard to improve and also started a club for other minority students. Joselino is ambitious and extremely determined. He’s willing to challenge stereotypes and he knows that by pursuing higher education, he can change the narrative in his favor, and help his community.

  • Kayla Elizabeth Juarez Mejia

    O’Connell High School
    Nurse Assistant Training Program, SF Jewish Living Volunteer,
    Southeast Community Center Intern

    Studies/Goal: Medical Field

    Kayla was born in San Francisco attended Longfellow ES and Denman MS. She is kind, respectful and patient. Despite challenges, she has learned to stay strong, help others, and look for support when she needs it.

  • Kiara Pech

    Lincoln High School
    Coffee Barista Job, K-Pop Club, Quinceañera Choreographer

    Studies/Goal: Business Economics/Administration

    Kiara, was born in SF, attended Sanchez ES and Everett MS. She was raised by parents who came here from Peru. Her commitment to learning is outstanding. Kiara has exceptional academic skills. She is intellectually engaged, takes on complex concepts and applies them to real-world problems. She is ahardworking, dedicated and committed to giving back to her community.

  • Maryuri Guevara Mejia

    Balboa High School
    Club Latino, Garden Club Volunteer, Enterprise for Youth

    Studies/Goal: Biochemistry / Dentistry

    Maryuri, born in Honduras, came three and half years ago and attended Marshall Academic HS and June Jordan HS. She is passionate, values education and works tirelessly to achieve her goals. As a leader among her peers she is effective in team projects. Maryuri excels in reading and writing and is eloquent in her thoughts and ideas. She has overcome many obstacles around basic needs due to her outstanding work ethic.

  • Tatiana Henriquez Lopez

    Ida B Wells High School
    Latinx Club Volunteer, BSU Club, Wellness Center Volunteer, High
    School Task Force

    Studies/Goal: Undecided

    Tatiana was born in SF and attended T. Marshall HS. This year, she was selected by the principal as the student representative for the SFUSD High School Task Force Initiative giving critical analysis and recommendations on behalf of SFUSD students and families. Tatiana has overcome family adversity, moving in with an aunt and works part time to help support herself. She is a friendly, kind, supportive and respectful woman and is a pleasure to work with.

  • Valerie Pacheco

    Mission High School
    Varsity Soccer, Mariachi Juvenil de la Mision, UCSF WBL

    Studies/Goal: Undeclared Science

    Valerie was born in SF and attended Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8. She is a gifted, thoughtful and diligent student with an acute awareness of the world’s inequities. She fiercely advocates for her classmates who have few resources. She has played soccer since she was 9 years old and participated in tournaments in and out of California. She’s been a violinist since 4th grade and plays with the Mariachi Juvenil La Misión.

  • Yankarlo Astorga Borboa

    John O’Connell High School
    Soccer, Upward Bound Scholar, Sign Shop Intern

    Studies/Goal: Architecture

    Yankarlo was born in Mexico and attended Everett MS. He is always curious about learning new things and is part of the Design and Sustainable Technology (DST) pathway. DST helped him develop his interest in electrical engineering. The projects he has worked on, include a presentation about natural energy and how electric cars will change the future. He is a leader on the soccer team, supporting and inspiring his teammates.

  • Zurian Blanco

    Galileo High School
    NEMS: North East Medical Services Video, Grandmother’s Caregiver,
    Tutoring siblings aged 9 & 13

    Studies/Goal: Nursing

    Zurian was born in Honduras, attended Sanchez ES and Marina Middle School. She is intelligent, perceptive and motivated, overcoming many challenges including health problems. She endured bullying in school when she was young, but her desire to learn contributed greatly to her success. Zurian is a strong insightful student. She is considerate, respected, well-liked and supportive of classmates.

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