LATA Teacher Scholarship Application

Scholarship’s Priority Criteria

  1. Latin American heritage
  2. Attended SFUSD schools
  3. Currently in college and accepted into a credential program
  4. Commitment to teach in SFUSD for at least 3 years
  5. Financial need

To apply for the scholarship:

  1. A completed application (See below)
  2. A Personal Statement (See application)
  3. Two letters of recommendation (from SFUSD teachers, university professors, mentors or supervisors from a community organization in which you participate)
  4. Proof of enrollment or acceptance in a teacher credential program
  5. A photograph

Timeline each school year:

  • Deadline: 1 st Friday in March of the year you are applying. If you cannot make this deadline, contact us.
  • Recipients will be notified in April and are expected to attend our annual Scholarship
  • Awards Celebration, which is held the 1 st Friday in May. During this event, all winners and their families will be honored. Each recipient will enter free and will receive ONE complimentary ticket.

By Mail

  1. Print
  2. Fill in information
  3. Mail to 333 Clipper St. SF 94114


  1. Open Google form
  2. Fill all components of application
  3. Submit Google form with all components of application uploaded as PDF (force copy of application)

Start completing the application TODAY, even if you think you will not qualify. We prioritize SFUSD students (including “dreamers”) who face challenges. Remember, “¡Sí, se puede!” Do not hesitate to ask your counselor or a teacher for help. You can call also call Pilar at (415) 412-3887 or write an email to